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If you lived in complete darkness, your body would eventually adjust to a 48-hour day where you stay awake for 36 hours and then sleep for 12. Source
  2. st.valentine’s day by BIOCITY2
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  4. Happiness is a cup of coffee
  5. no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep
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Adderall vs. Cocaine
  7. Buckfast Tonic Wine: (from Wikipedia) Buckfast contains 15% alcohol in the 750 ml green-bottled UK version, and 14.8% in the brown-bottled Republic of Ireland version, which equates to roughly 11.25 UK units of alcohol.
Both variants of the drink contain disodium phosphate. Sodium and potassium glycerophosphate are salts of glycerol 3-phosphate, a biologically important sugar which has a role in cellular energy metabolism. Both glycerol-3-phosphate and its close relative 3-phosphoglycerate are intermediaries in the glycolysis pathway, the major biochemical pathway for energy production in animals. Glycerophosphate is used in intravenous drip solutions as a source of phosphate, a biologically important ion used in energy-requiring reactions.
The “brown bottle” Buckfast has a caffeine content about equal to brewed or percolated coffee, while the “green bottle” Buckfast has a caffeine content about equal to black tea. However independent research says the “green bottle” Buckfast contains the same amount of caffeine as six cups of coffee and Buckfast—drop for drop—has more caffeine in it than Red Bull.
  8. From Wikipedia:
D-IX was a cocaine-based experimental drug cocktail developed by the Nazis in 1944 for military application.[1] Nazi doctors found that equipment-laden test subjects who had taken the drug could march 88.5 kilometers (55 miles) without resting before they collapsed. Each tablet contained 5 mg of oxycodone (brand name Eukodal), 5 mg of cocaine and 3 mg of methamphetamine (then called Pervitin, now available under the brandname Desoxyn).[2] The researcher who uncovered the project, Wolf Kemper, said: “The aim was to use D-IX to redefine the limits of human endurance.”[3] Test subjects could march in a circle for up to 90 kilometers per day without rest while carrying a 20 kilogram backpack.[4] Nazi doctors were enthusiastic about the results, and planned to supply all German troops with the pills, but the war ended before D-IX could be put into mass production, though it did see limited use among a handful of Neger and Biber pilots.[2]


I can already see the jokes for those who are using it to skip sleep. “What, you’re up another day? You sucking down dix or what?”
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Read: Sleep is mortal, and it can be killed without killing the host body that this parasite feeds on.
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  11. “DRINK COFFEE: Do Stupid Thing Faster With More Energy”
One of the many “crack my ass up” signs at Genuine Joe Coffeehouse in Austin, Texas.
  12. “Death Before Decaf" — Found on a T-shirt at Genuine Joe Coffeehouse in Austin, Texas. Also [Here on Instagram]
  13. 6086
  14. "This morning, with her, having coffee."
Johnny Cash, (when asked to define Paradise).
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